I’m Still Standing!

Thank you to all my friends for the love and for tuning in to what was for me, a most surreal dream-come-true evening!

Adam and Keith Urban
At rehearsal with Keith Urban

I’ve loved Elton’s music from that very first moment I sat in my mother’s car glued to the radio station in absolute awe of the masterpiece known as Funeral For A Friend. And if you would have told me back then that in the not too distant future, I’d be playing piano with his band, in front of him on that there tv thingy? I woulda told you…

Awesome! I’ll be ready.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to my unbelievably talented and devoted friend Davey Johnstone for everything he brings to so many. I hope he knows how much the ship depends on him. Love him big time and it was a thrill reliving the performance last night with my family and his.

Sam Smith and Adam
With Sam Smith

To Nigel and John and Matt and Kim- Thanks for allowing me to sail with you to a few of the wondrous places you go.


And to Elton and Bernie- Thanks for building the ship.

Big thanks to John F. Higgins for allowing me to once again grace the pages of Elton’s official website. Time to get ready for the Farewell Tour rehearsals that begin next week.

Anyone know the way home from Cloud 9?

Read more of the story at Elton’s site

Watch the full show on CBS All Access

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