Hire Adam

Hire Adam for your next event

Adam is a singer/composer/piano player who can make your party a stand out and unique experience with his personality, repertoire and extensive knowledge of most every music genre there is.  Whether you’re looking for songs with vocals, or just background instrumental music…, to Adam, work is play.

Trust the people who know…

House of Kooser Annual Event

“One of the best things I ever did, was to have Adam perform at my company’s 10th Annual Event in New York City.  After hearing Adam perform at the Sunset Marquis Hotel, I knew he would be the perfect crowd pleaser.  So much fun, great at interacting with everyone and he loves playing the piano, it shows.  He is The Best Out There. Don’t hire him if you want to have an ordinary party!  Thanks for traveling across the country to make the night a hit.”

– Greg Kooser, Owner

Christmas Party

“Adam brings my holiday party to life. He is fantastic and we will use him every year.”

– Reese Witherspoon, Actress

Sunset Marquis –  Intercontinental Hotel London Westminster, Virgin Atlantic and Diva Limousines Brit Punk Bash!

“Adam those tunes you played are still in my head! Oh, how we loved the music and your company!”

– Jody Flowers, Flowers Hotel Group

New Years Eve Party

“Adam Chester is not just an amazing musician; he is also a whole lot of fun. I’ve only spent two evenings with him at the keyboard but they have been memorable events

His specialty is Elton John tunes and he really is the “Piano Man.” His repertoire is far-ranging – anything from the Beatles to Gershwin, rock and roll to old standards. People of all ages love to gather around his piano and sing along. He not only knows the tunes but also the lyrics and can transpose on the fly, very admirable, nimble musicianship! Best of all is his enthusiasm and charm. He’s very engaging and, let me say it again, fun”!

– Sharon Wong, Film Editor

Christmas  Party

“Wayne and I have hired Adam for several holiday parties we’ve thrown over the years.  I can’t think of one moment when there wasn’t a gathering of our guests planted around the piano joining in on the songs!  Whether it’s Christmas music, standards, or Bohemian Rhapsody, Adam interprets each song as if he wrote every note himself…winning over everyone in the room.  Without trying to be the center of attention, he becomes the center of attention.  If you’re looking for good music, turn on the radio.  If you’re looking for good entertainment, call Adam Chester.”

– Patricia Whitcraft and Wayne Hughes, Public Storage


  1. Adam is to complete musician. If you want a great party, no matter who you are, he will convince you very early on that you did the right thing. If you are looking for one of the best entertainers give him a call. You will be very happy you did!

  2. I had the pleasure of experiencing an evening with Adam Chester at a friend’s 50th birthday party last night. Although Adam has the talent to command the room’s attention, he happily performed exquisite background music – unless you were lucky enough to wander over to the baby grand piano where Adam could be heard playing and singing along with the ever-changing group of guests who reveled in the chance to sing along to soulfully performed contemporary and classic rock favorites – one running into the next – the kind your foot beats to involuntarily, and that make you sing like you didn’t know you could (and luckily no one could hear.) He didn’t overshadow the evening. The incomparable Felice Soule was the guest of honor and Adam was there to score the celebration of a this special woman. I don’t think Adam was even introduced, and except for the fact that his talent should have given him away, no one suspected his usual job is playing the piano for Elton John. If you have the opportunity to hire Adam for your party, you’ll likely never have another one without him. (No, I don’t know him from Adam.)

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